How to recruit

Organising a multilingual meeting? Interpreters are one of the keys to a successful event. Here’s how to recruit them and what to consider in the process.

Recruitment involves getting the best team of professionals with the right languages and profile for your meeting. The go-to person for recruitment is a consultant interpreter or an experienced, professional interpreter. They will make sure that your interpreters deliver quality interpreting of the highest professional standard, while working in optimal conditions.


Who to contact and how?

──       Make use of the AIIC Directory.

──       Why choose AIIC interpreters? Members of AIIC are professionals providing highest-quality service, while respecting ethics and confidentiality, who enjoy the trust of international organisations, governments and the private sector.

──       AIIC interpreters can be found in most of the world’s major cities. For some language pairs, you may need to expand your search to other countries or regions.

──       Consider the services of Consultant Interpreters. They are experienced recruiters who can offer comprehensive solutions to cater for your needs.

Communicate your needs...

──       Define your needs. The obvious: what, when, where, who, how long.

──       What languages do your participants speak and/or understand?

──       What is the subject matter of the meeting?

──       How many participants are you expecting? Will there be breakout sessions?

──       Will you be visiting a site outside the meeting venue?

──       Will there be travelling involved?

──       Will the meeting be live streamed and/or recorded?

──       Will there be any remote speakers?

──       What is the layout of the room?

──       What are your preferences and restrictions? that we can help

We will offer advice on the set-up that works best for your multilingual needs, especially if technical equipment is needed. You can rely on our extensive experience and knowledge of the market. We will be able to advise you on what is feasible, what works and what doesn’t.

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