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An interface between the field of Interpreting Studies and AIIC members

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The AIIC Research Committee acts as an interface between the field of interpreting studies and AIIC members and facilitates access to knowledge about the way our profession is evolving, as well as to research findings.

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Research is crucial to acquire knowledge that will help find valid and reliable answers to questions: it allows us to test, correct or enhance previous knowledge. Whether conceptual or empirical, qualitative or quantitative, research is dynamic and constantly evolving, fuelled by new methods and new questions.

Increase in research and in training

Over the last two decades, the increase in interpreting research has gone hand in hand with a proliferation of interpreter training programmes, from undergraduate to doctoral level. Additionally, other fields of research have taken - and in some cases re-discovered - an interest in studying interpreting and interpreters. Consequently, the horizon of interpreting research has expanded widely and findings have helped understand how we can better serve interpreting and speech communities in a variety of settings.

Influencing practices

Whether exploring the potential of new technologies, examining face-to-face encounters or understanding where we spend our energy most when working, research directly contributes to the development of the interpreter’s professional environment. Researchers establish contact with communities, interact with them and systematically collect data from them. The results of their work ultimately influence communicative practices, and our job as interpreters.

AIIC’s research gatekeeper

The AIIC Research Committee serves as a gatekeeper for AIIC’s internal and external research endeavours in a consultative role, rather than designing, conducting and implementing research projects on behalf of the association. Its role is also to facilitate access to knowledge about the way our profession is evolving and share research findings with all relevant stakeholders within AIIC.

AIIC Research Grant

The AIIC Research Grant was set up in 2020 to support projects which will benefit the interpreting profession. The Research Committee is responsible for overseeing the grant, assessing the merits of each proposal and preparing a shortlist for the Executive Committee to select the winner from. See the full list of winners here.

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