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Working collaboratively, we get better results for our customers and a better environment for us interpreters.

─── Who we are

  • Consultant interpreters are the interface between clients/prospects and professional interpreters
  • As professional interpreters, we are able to meet the needs of both clients and interpreters
  • We preserve the human dimension and the value of our profession
  • We provide high-quality communication, manage risk and maximise the outcome of the event
  • We make sure that AIIC standards and working conditions are respected and the Code of professional ethics adhered to.

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─── How we work

Our services

For clients and prospects:

Event planning

  • Consulting on multilingual communication (defining requirements and proposing the optimal solution)
  • Full planning of language requirements and related logistics
  • Preparation of free quotations

Planning and handling of interpreting services

  • Selecting and organising ideal teams of interpreters
  • Handling of interpreter logistics

Provision of equipment

  • Consulting on and provision of interpretation systems and hardware

Contractual and financial provisions

  • Negotiation of terms
  • Single quotation / contract / invoice

For professional interpreters:

  • Negotiating with clients and prospects for the best terms of employment
  • Preparing quotations and contracts
  • Recruiting professional colleagues and setting up ideal teams – handling all the logistics
  • Helping colleagues to get proper background documentation and terminology
  • Ensuring that all technical specifications and standards are met

Consultant interpreters offer these additional advantages:

+ no intermediation
+ soft skills
+ vast experience & expertise
+ large international network of professional interpreters and reliable partners
+ one-stop shop

Added value of the group:

  • We produce and publish content on AIIC social media to promote:
    • the interests of AIIC interpreters
    • high quality interpreting services
  • We facilitate discussion and information exchange on relevant topics
  • We share professional knowledge
  • We organise valuable workshops

2021 was another strong year for the Consultant Interpreters Group of  AIIC - The International Association of Conference Interpreters. Our members, both individual members and groups of interpreters, had already adapted to the new technologies and platforms available to our profession in 2020, and further improved their skills and competencies in 2021, closing the year with numbers outperforming those in the pre-pandemic period.
We are grateful to our colleagues and clients for their trust in us.

If you regularly organise teams of interpreters, you could benefit from working with us and joining the group.

With a stronger group we can achieve better results!


Need help? AIIC consultant interpreters will help define your requirements and organise a team of interpreters.

─── What we do

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