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The Secretariat answers telephone calls from Monday to Friday between 08:30-12:00 and 14:00-17:00.
If you pass by Geneva, our staff will be happy to welcome you in person.

Phone: +41 22 908 15 40
Fax: +41 22 732 41 51

If you are an AIIC member or pre-candidate, no need to use the following contact form. Log in to your portal to see our email address displayed here ⇒ !


International Association of Conference Interpreters

46, Avenue Blanc
CH - 1202 Geneva

Getting to AIIC

From the train station:
Tram 15 (heading to Nations): Stop at "Maison de la Paix" (5 min. walk)
Bus 1 and 8 (heading to Jardin Botanique): Stop at ‘Perle du Lac’ (5 min. walk)
Train " Régio Express": Stop at Geneva-Sécheron station (5 min. walk)

From the airport:
Bus 28 (heading to Jardin Botanique): Stop at Geneva-Sécheron station (5 min. walk)
Bus 5 (heading to Thônex Vallard), stop at ‘Nations’, then take Bus 11 (heading to Grand-Lancy, Palettes), stop at ‘Maison de la Paix’ (5 min. walk).

For more information you can click on the links below:
Bus/Tram: https://www.tpg.ch/en
Train : https://www.sbb.ch/en/home.html

Geneva Hotels

In order to help you plan your stay in Geneva, we have negotiated preferential rates with some hotels close to the Secretariat. Please find the details here.

Mission Statement

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The Secretariat’s Role

The role of the Secretariat is first and foremost to provide a top quality, professional service to both the Association AND its members. It reports directly to the Executive Committee. The Secretariat provides support to the Advisory Board, CACL, the Budget Committee and the Disciplinary and Disputes Committee as well as to all Groups, Committees and Networks.

Members also receive the same quality support and assistance from the Secretariat, using the communication means at its disposal.

The Secretariat may participate in or coordinate projects implemented by the Association. It provides the requisite administrative, logistical and organisational support for AIIC representatives to achieve the objectives set by the Assembly and Executive Committee.

The Secretariat strives for operational excellence in a professional, ethical and environmentally friendly work environment that is stimulating for its staff. It employs current best practices wherever appropriate to its work.

Instruments governing the work of the Secretariat

In accordance with AIIC’s Basic Texts and in implementation of tasks assigned to it by ExCo, the Secretariat’s key duties are to:

  • Assist members, associate members, candidates and pre-candidates
  • Manage the Association’s administration and accounts
  • Manage relations between the Association and external service providers
  • Provide ExCo with data and statistical tools to facilitate its management of the Association
  • Assist in the implementation of decisions taken by the Assembly, Executive Committee, Advisory Board and Assembly committees (AIIC Statutes, Article 29(3))
  • Organise and facilitate meetings of the Executive Committee, Advisory Board and Assembly committees (AIIC Statutes, Article 29(2));
  • Facilitate the work of AIIC bodies, groups and committees
  • Assist the Treasurer in managing the Association’s budget and finances (Accounting Procedures, Article 2(b))
  • Publish information on the Association’s websites and to members
  • Streamline work processes and procedures
  • Participate in the Association’s administrative and IT projects
  • Manage the AIIC member database
  • Ensure proper archiving and conservation of Association documents.