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AIIC membership stands for superlative professional expertise and steadfast adherence to stringent ethical standards

For clients, AIIC membership means peace of mind. For interpreters, it means international recognition of your ability and commitment.

As an AIIC member, you uphold the Association’s values and principles. You benefit from AIIC support and advice, professional development and advocacy. Membership signals that you are committed to your chosen profession.

AIIC applicants must be sponsored by established members who vouch for their working languages and their professional ethics. It is no easy hurdle to clear.


Your duties as an AIIC member

You undertake to comply with the AIIC Code of Professional Ethics and Professional Standards. Professional confidentiality is fundamental to interpreting ethics, as is a commitment to quality and collegiality.

Play your part

AIIC is forward-thinking and dynamic thanks to the voluntary efforts of all its members. Don’t hesitate to get involved, be it in training, negotiation of agreements, defending working conditions, research, admission of members, technical equipment, outreach to new members, statistics, public relations or defining the conditions for distance interpreting...

Play your part in shaping the future of the profession!

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