AIIC Bodies, Groups, Committees and Networks

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The Association is made of its members. Every three years an Assembly elects an Executive Committee (ExCo) and the three other Assembly Bodies: the Committee on Admissions and Language Classification (CACL), the Budget Committee and the Disciplinary and Disputes Committee. The work of the Association is delegated to the 23 Regional Bureaux as well as a number of committees, groups and networks with specific interests and expertise. Representatives from each of these groups and the Regions come together to form the Advisory Board, which gives voice to members’ concerns and opinions and advises ExCo.


──       Executive Committee

──       Committee on Admissions and Language Classification

──       Budget Committee

──       Disciplinary and Disputes Committee

──       Advisory Board

──       AIIC Training and Professional Development

──       Consultant Interpreters

──       Interpreters in Conflict Zones

──       ISO Standards Project

──       Legal Interpreting Committee

──       Research Committee

──       Sign Language Network

──       Staff Interpreters

──       Taskforce on Distance Interpreting

──       Technical and Health Committee

──       VEGA Network