AIIC at a glance

Ten things you absolutely need to know about the only truly global association of conference interpreters

1. 'AIIC' stands for 'International Association of Conference Interpreters' in French.

2. Founded in 1953, AIIC is still the only truly global association of conference interpreters.

3. Based in Geneva, Switzerland, AIIC has over 3000 members in some 100 countries.

4. AIIC’s stringent application process – involving sponsorship by peers and validated experience – provides assurance of a high level of professionalism.

5. The name 'AIIC' is synonymous with quality, professional ethics and working conditions designed to protect interpreter health and well-being.

6. The collective agreements that AIIC has negotiated with a range of major international organisations safeguard the interests of AIIC members and non-members alike.

7. AIIC comprises numerous committees and working groups on a range of questions, from technical and health issues to research and training, all of them staffed by volunteer members.

8. AIIC’s online directory of all of its members means that the right professional for the job is only ever a click away.

9. With a finger firmly on the pulse of an increasingly fast-paced and ever-changing world, AIIC is dedicated to ensuring the relevance of the individual practitioner and the global collective of interpreters alike.

10. Proud of its heritage, the Association is the custodian of a vast repository of historical records, recently digitised to facilitate access for interpreters and researchers to the remarkable success story that is AIIC.

Photo: Sylvie Charron / Unsplash