The VEGA Network

AIIC’s outreach & mentoring network – your gateway to best practices in conference interpreting

─── Who we are

The VEGA Network provides guidance on best practices and mentoring for those studying to become interpreters and those already working, professionally trained and self-taught alike.

─── How we work

We are AIIC’s outreach network. We get our name from the brightest star of the constellation, Lyrae… the fifth brightest star in the night sky. It makes sense, then, that VEGA members help support, guide and mentor newcomers to the profession and encourage all colleagues to follow best practices and respect the AIIC Code of Ethics.

─── What we do

The VEGA Network produces starter packs and other materials in a range of languages aimed at students and colleagues just getting started in the profession. The Network also provides advice through its mentoring program and runs workshops and information sessions focusing on best practices in conference interpreting. Its objective is to make AIIC visible, demonstrate its relevance, and help improve working conditions for ALL conference interpreters around the world.

All VEGA events are organized and run by volunteers and are strictly not-for-profit.

The VEGA Network, AIIC’s outreach division, provides support, guidance and mentoring to newcomers to the profession.

Photo: Vega Network
─── What we do

VEGA in action

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