AIIC — the trailblazer

As the early profession developed, leading practitioners recognised the need for codified working conditions and quality assurance. AIIC was born

AIIC has been at the forefront of interpreting since the 1950s, promoting professional standards, ethics, and working conditions. As the first truly international association of conference interpreters, AIIC paved the way for the profession’s development.

Here are just some of our breakthrough achievements:


──    Fact 1

AIIC was the first to recognise the need to create order in the emerging profession of interpreting in the 1950s.

──    Fact 2

AIIC signed the first agreements with the UN and European Institutions in the late 1960s, agreements that still continue to govern work for the major organisations.

──     Fact 3

AIIC has worked closely with ISO on standards for interpreting equipment.

──     Fact 4

AIIC introduced the internationally-used A-B-C language classification system, which clearly indicates the languages an interpreter works from and into.

──     Fact 5

AIIC members established the providential funds so interpreters could save for their retirement.

──     Fact 6

AIIC extended membership to sign language interpreters in 2012.

──     Fact 7

AIIC develops and continuously updates policies and guidelines on new technology and distance interpreting in order to ensure that the profession keeps pace with developments.

──     Fact 8

AIIC has worked extensively on training and continuous professional development through the ATPD, and offers a wide range of AIIC-hosted training events.

──     Fact 9

AIIC provides dedicated outreach and support to new interpreters via its VEGA network.

──     Fact 10

AIIC has produced best practice criteria for interpreting schools.

──     Fact 11

AIIC offers a wide variety of professional development opportunities and access to offers of work.

──     Fact 12

AIIC works to protect and support interpreters in conflict zones.