Pre-candidacy – Are you a junior interpreter?

The first step towards joining AIIC for interpreters starting their careers

No need to fret if you do not yet meet the requirements to join AIIC as a full member: it’s possible to become a “Pre-candidate” while you gain experience. The expectation is that, once you reach your 150 days, you will apply to join as an active member.

─── How it works

How it works

Interpreters who do not yet have the requisite experience can indicate their interest in becoming full members at a later date by becoming Pre-candidates. As a Pre-candidate, you can already start to make contact with seasoned AIIC colleagues and are welcome to attend live and on-line AIIC events.

One of the requirements for applying for Pre-candidate status is that three active members of AIIC must present you and confirm that you really do work as a conference interpreter. They provide no guarantees, however, as regards professional quality.

Presenters ensure that, to the best of their ability, the colleague they are presenting is familiar with and abides by all of AIIC's rules and regulations.

─── Benefits


As a Pre-candidate your name, address and customary working languages (but not a language classification as defined in the CACL Regulations) as well as the names of the active members introducing you are published on the AIIC website (members-only section).

As a general rule, Pre-candidates may retain their status for up to five years, but can apply for full membership as soon as they have worked the requisite number of days based on their language combination and acquired the necessary sponsorships from active members. The application needs to be accompanied by remittance of the required administration fee.

For support and advice you may also turn to the VEGA Network, a world-wide network of AIIC professional conference interpreters dedicated to helping budding and junior interpreters.

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