The Process in brief

AIIC interpreters are a select group providing a guarantee of quality and excellence that hinges on a rigorous but fair selection process

A commitment to professionalism

Applicants must demonstrate their willingness to respect AIIC’s principles and code of conduct. This is the foundation of our reputation as professional conference interpreters.

Demonstration of competence

Applicants must demonstrate that they have the necessary training and experience. No need to worry if you are still at the early stages of your career though, since there is an application stream for you as well. The AIIC pre-candidacy status gives applicants an opportunity to enjoy the support and collegiality of the Association while building up the hours needed to qualify as full members.

Peer validation

Applicants must have the support of sponsors. These are members in good standing – usually with the same language combinations as the applicant – who have worked with them and can vouch for their professional capabilities and readiness to comply with AIIC’s rules and regulations.

Guidance and support

The application process may seem daunting, but the benefits make it worthwhile. AIIC’s VEGA network can guide you through the process and help you discover what AIIC has to offer.

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