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1. ATPD may sponsor a number of interpreter trainers to attend Training of Trainers courses by reimbursing an amount of their travel expenses pre-defined in an AIIC-approved budget line.

Sponsorship aims to make training available to trainers in regions where it is scarce, thus spreading AIIC's standards and best practice amongst trainers and, by extension, their students (future interpreters).

2. The rules for sponsorships are announced together with the course itself on the AIIC website following submission to and approval by the Treasurer.

3. Sponsorships shall be awarded on the basis of:
  • the geographical criteria (eg. outside Europe, same continent; no sponsorships shall be awarded to trainers in Europe)
  • applicants' qualifications as trainers of conference interpreting
  • applicants' current training activity
  • AIIC membership, preference being given to AIIC members over non-members.

4. Regions shall be consulted as to the suitability of non-member applicants. (Members will be assumed to be suitable unless the Disciplinary Committee has ruled otherwise.)

5. Those receiving sponsorship shall pay course registration fees.

6. Those receiving sponsorship shall be invited (expected) to appear in promotional AIIC content relating to the sponsorship if requested.