January 21, 2021
THC Newsletter
Technical and Health Committee
AIIC has always and continues to support ISO as the reference for technical standards within the profession. As such, AIIC's Technical and Health Committee (THC) commissioned a study of emerging RSI platforms in 2018 with a view to assessing their compliance with the main features of the ISO standards, with a focus on the quality of transmission of sound and image input and output signals, frequency response, lip synchronicity, latency, speech intelligibility and hearing protection. 
In this rapidly-changing context, where platforms are under constant development, the THC decided that it was time to commission a second study, re-evaluating some of the platforms originally tested and evaluating emerging ones. It is hoped that by commissioning such tests, platforms will be encouraged to make the requisite changes to ensure that interpreters are provided with the quality of audiovisual inputs necessary in order to perform their work optimally. 
The summary of this second report can be accessed via this link
The full report is available here or on request from the secretariat.