The application process explained

Whether a seasoned pro or a rising star, the Committee on Admissions and Language Classification (CACL) is here to guide you towards AIIC membership

Who can be sponsors and what language pairs suit yours? How long does it take? Do you meet the requirements for membership? Let CACL guide you through the process and help you understand the rules that protect and defend our Association's top class professionals.

The Regulation on Admissions and Language Classification spells it all out. As an applicant, from the moment you decide to join AIIC, you are making a commitment to abide by the Code of Professional Ethics and all other rules and regulations.



Our peer-based admissions process means that you are never alone throughout this journey to prove your competence as a professional interpreter. AIIC effectively requires applicants to pass the workplace ‘test’, emphasis being placed on performance in real conference interpreting settings by:

──       Requiring a minimum number of days to be worked, without exception,* under professional conditions

──       Requiring sponsorship from members who have worked with and listened to the applicant.

Sponsorship should never be taken lightly. A member who agrees to sign for an applicant is vouching both for the individual's professional competence and for his/her undertaking to abide by the accepted professional ethics. A potential sponsor, therefore, would be well advised to talk at length to the applicant and provide information on the profession and the Association.

*N.B. "without exception" means that he/she must always work according to AIIC's Code of Professional Ethics, Professional Standards and all other rules and regulations.

Steps for the application file

The Guide for applicants provides you with a checklist.

Let’s now walk you through the process step by step:

──       The file is submitted together with the processing fee.

──       Where required and when submitted at least 6 weeks before the deadline, certain files are pre-screened as a voluntary service by members of CACL to assist the candidate.

──       All files are examined by the Committee at one of its biannual meetings.

──       After each CACL meeting, the Secretariat publishes a list of applicants, triggering the challenge period.

──       The list of approved candidates is published on the members’ website in the CACL Newsletter, which announces CACL’s decisions and is emailed to all members at the beginning of the 60-day challenge period.

──       Should there be a challenge during the 60-day period, an enquiry will be conducted by CACL, as stipulated in Annex 2 of its Rules of Procedure.

──       In the absence of an enquiry and once the 60-day challenge period has expired, the applicant becomes a member.

That’s all there is to it!