Commitments and rules

A professional conference interpreter and keen to be part of the Association? Here’s what you need to know about joining.


─── Commitments


As a prospective AIIC member, an interpreter must:

─── Rules


Applicants must demonstrate their qualifications and experience :

  • through sponsorship by eligible active AIIC members
  • by showing evidence of at least 150 days of conference interpreting

Interpreters who have not yet worked the minimum required number of days may apply to join as pre-candidates to begin enjoying some of the benefits of membership, including access to resources and support, while they build up the necessary experience.

CACL – your guide through the application process

The application process is managed by the Committee on Applications and Language Classification (CACL), which is directly elected by the Assembly. Its basic text is the Regulation governing admissions and language classification

Like all AIIC members, we are bound by the Professional Standards, the Code of Professional Ethics and the Statutes that set out the conditions for AIIC membership and the exercise of the profession and establish how the Association is organised.

If you are thinking of becoming a pre-candidate or a candidate, you are an active member wishing to add language pairs or change your language classification, or if you are a long-standing AIIC member who would like to have or change associate member status, CACL is here to help.


Who are we?

We are your go-to colleagues for information about language combinations as well as the rules, regulations and by-laws that govern admission, membership and language reclassifications.

CACL comprises seven active members of the Association who are not members of the Executive Committee, the Advisory Board or any other Assembly committee.