Procedure and waivers

A streamlined application makes AIIC’s policies on joining even easier to interpret


─── Checklist


Once you have understood what is required of you, check that:

Should you require further clarification, please refer to the Regulation on Admissions and Language Classification.

Decisions – Appeals

  • Any decision taken by the Committee with regard to an active or associate member or a candidate or pre-candidate shall be communicated to the person concerned in writing. Any negative decision must be based on factual elements.
  • The person concerned by a decision may submit an appeal against it to the Executive Committee within ninety days of being notified thereof. The written appeal shall be addressed to the President of the Association and shall list all the factors on which it is intended to base the case. The Executive Committee shall consult the Committee before reaching its decision.


  • In addition, under exceptional circumstances, CACL may proceed, of its own initiative and after consultations with its members, to carry out an enquiry where the majority of its members are of the opinion that such an enquiry is desirable.

─── Waivers


Having problems meeting one or more of the admission or reclassification requirements? Waivers may be granted in exceptional circumstances. All CACL asks is that you include with your application a cover letter explaining your circumstances and requesting a waiver for one or more requirements.

Your request should follow these guidelines:

  • First, get any signatures you can in accordance with the rules. You may find enough and that is always preferable. Remember, waivers are an exception and not designed to make getting signatures easier.
  • Members who do not strictly comply with the sponsorship criteria could nonetheless sign. If necessary, you should attach a cover letter justifying their sponsorship. This may be acceptable provided these members have worked with you and have the requisite language combination.
  • You may add signatures from members who have taken relay from you and can attest to your quality.
  • If you are having trouble even finding people who have taken relay from you, ask a colleague to at least listen to you – and sign stating that fact. For example, if you work between Chinese (A) and Japanese (B), you could ask a Japanese (A) colleague to listen to you work into Japanese and sign for your B, and you could ask a Chinese (A) colleague without Japanese to listen to your Chinese output and vouch for your Chinese A. The important thing here is that colleagues hear you work – after all, the classification system relates to interpreting skill.
  • Attach a copy of any diploma or certificate you may have earned from an interpreter training programme or school.
  • If you are or have been on the staff of an organisation, please indicate your years of service and attach a certificate from that organisation confirming your working languages.

To sum up, try to come as close as possible to the two basic requirements: 3 sponsors minimum, 2 of whom must come from your region (taking account of the proviso set out in Article 10 for regions covering more than one country and countries not part of an AIIC region). Should you need a waiver, be sure to ask for it in writing and explain which waiver(s) you need (i.e. a waiver for the seniority rule because one of your sponsors has been a member for less time and there are no other sponsors with the same language combination; a waiver for the language combination rule because one of your sponsors only has one of your languages in his/her combination, etc.). Please note that all requests for waivers are decided on a case-by-case basis.