Language Reclassification (for members)

AIIC members are passionate about honing and expanding their language skills. As your language skills grow, you can reclassify and add languages.



To reclassify their languages, members must have worked at least 50 days with their new language pair.

They need support from at least two sponsors for each new language pair, who fulfill the criteria outlined in the Regulation Governing Admissions and Language Classification under the heading "Admissions".

The requirements – outlined under Section VII (Changes in language classification) of the Regulation – are essentially the same as for applying to join as a new member, but there is no regional requirement.

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Reclassifying an A Language

From time to time, members may apply to reclassify one of their existing languages, or a new one, as an A language.

They will need at least five A sponsors to support their application for a new A language, and must also provide details concerning the circumstances that led to applying for a new A language.