The finishing line is in sight! CACL is there to cheer you on, and offer help if you need it.

There are two deadlines for application every year: 31 May and 30 November.

The Regulation governing admissions and language classification and the Guide for applicants are your go-to resources… and CACL members are always there to help.

Simultaneous interpreting in particular requires common rules and shared expectations, both within the team of interpreters and with meeting organisers and participants. Good conference interpretation depends on the skills and abilities of the interpreters, appropriate working conditions, good teamwork, and the quality of technical equipment and its operation.

Pre-screening – get it right the first time

If you send in your application six weeks ahead of the deadline, it will be pre-screened by one of the members of CACL. Pre-screening helps to identify information which may be missing from your file and which you can then forward ahead of the formal review. This service provided by CACL could accelerate your admission into AIIC or your reclassification.

Meeting deadlines

Deadline Meeting
31 May Mid-July
30 November Mid-January

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