Representing the interests of all interpreters

AIIC has always led the way in advancing the interpreters’ profession. We continue to serve all interpreters, including non-members, globally.

AIIC promotes the interests of all interpreters the world over. It establishes professional standards, advises on the use of technology and offers extensive opportunities for professional development. AIIC negotiates with major employers — like international organisations such as the UN and EU — on working conditions for interpreters.

AIIC is the go-to organisation for all questions on professional interpreting.


Agreements on working conditions

Since the late 1960s AIIC has negotiated agreements covering interpreters’ working conditions at major employers, such as international and regional organisations. All interpreters working for such organisations benefit from these terms and conditions – members and non-members alike.

Professional standards

AIIC has produced professional standards that provide sound guidance on the mechanics of working as an interpreter. They cover the practical issues of daily work and of the relationship with clients and colleagues.

Professionalism is at the heart of all AIIC action. It goes much further than a thorough grounding in languages, which is just the starting point of the interpreter’s skill. It covers a business-like approach to clients, thorough preparation of any assignment and an unbreakable code of professional secrecy.

Life-long learning

AIIC can advise budding interpreters on which interpreting school is best suited to their needs. Many AIIC interpreters teach post-graduate courses, so trainees are guided by those with hands-on experience. In this way professionalism and best practice are passed to the next generation.

Experienced interpreters will tell you that every day is a school day — you never stop learning. AIIC is at the forefront of continued professional development, offers courses in special subject areas (the law is a good example) and helps working interpreters improve their active and passive languages skills. The learning never stops.

Assisting clients to find the best interpreters

Within AIIC there are Consultant Interpreters who work specifically with clients to recruit interpreters for their meetings, everything from a mega-event of thousands to discreet face-to-face discussions. The Consultant Interpreter walks the client through the options, explaining how to get the best out of the interpreting service. The Consultant can find people with the required languages who are versed in the subject area of the meeting. An AIIC Consultant Interpreter is a safe pair of hands.