AIIC Today

Far from sitting on its laurels, AIIC is building on its trailblazing past to tackle new challenges in our ever-changing world


AIIC is working today to shape the profession of tomorrow:

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With over 3,000 members around the world, AIIC brings together the crème-de-la-crème of professional conference interpreters – our reach and voice are truly global.

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Whilst celebrating our past achievements, AIIC is primed to meet emerging challenges head-on, and carry our profession into the future.

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AIIC has grown its active presence on social media, reaching out to new audiences of interpreters and clients.

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We actively support sign language interpreters.

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AIIC constantly monitors its agreements with the international organisations, ensuring optimum working conditions for all interpreters and top-quality service for clients.

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We are at the forefront of trialling new technology – making sure that new systems are ISO compliant, and interpreters are protected from risks like acoustic shock.

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AIIC’s code of professional confidentiality remains absolute: our clients can be confident that their discussions will remain private.

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We have overhauled our information technology environment to give our members better access to the information they need and to make our directory of members more accessible to clients. AIIC’s new online presence reflects its dynamic character.

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We are now storing our historical archives electronically to protect our legacy and make it available for future generations of students, researchers and historians.

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AIIC remains committed to training and professional development, keeping the profession at the top of its game.

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AIIC extends outreach to new interpreters and advice to those considering a career as an interpreter.

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AIIC’s Solidarity Fund provides support in hardship cases.

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AIIC is today the global, authoritative and dependable voice of professional conference interpreting.


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