Remote Interpreting Tips and Advice from the AIIC Taskforce on Distance Interpreting

AIIC’s Taskforce on Distance Interpreting (TFDI) has issued new advice for interpreters working from home in extremis during the health emergency, as well as for institutions and DI hubs

If you are requested by an employer to interpret at the employer’s premises in areas affected by COVID-19 and/or are called upon to work with remote speakers using remote platforms, some tips and recommendations can be found here: 


──       AIIC Best Practices for Interpreters during the COVID-19 Crisis

──       COVID-19: Advice on performing interpreting assignments from home in extremis  (login required)

──       AIIC COVID-19 Distance Interpreting Recommendations for Institutions and DI Hubs

──      AIIC Checklist: Perforrming Interpreting Assignments from Home in extremis durng the Covid-19 Pandemic

See also:

──       AIIC Guidelines for Distance Interpreting

──      AIIC Position on Distance Interpreting

──      Technical study on transmission of sound and image through cloud-based systems for RSI

AIIC's primary concern is the health and well-being of interpreters and, in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, the protection of public health. AIIC recognises that, in light of the pandemic, face-to-face interpreting scenarios may constitute a public health risk and, as such – as an interim measure while physical distancing remains in force – specific forms of distance interpreting (DI) may be the only way to enable multilingualism whilst protecting the health of conference interpreters, technicians, participants and the public at large during this challenging period. 

Such forms of DI interpreting include interpreters working from institutions operating as RI hubs during Covid-19, from individual RI hubs or even, in extremis, from their own premises (e.g. via a cloud-based platform) where no other options are available due to public health, legal and/or official restrictions.

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AIIC’s guidance is based on the following AIIC principles:

  • The health and wellbeing of interpreters and the protection of public health
  • Commitment to multilingualism
  • Quality of service
  • Effective teamwork and booth partnering
  • Respect of ethics and confidentiality
  • Compliance with ISO standards
  • Information and data security
  • Respect for AIIC’s Professional Standards