Remote Simultaneous Interpreting:
Q&A Session with Andrew Constable

On 30 March, Andrew Constable, who is the coordinator of TFDI, kindly agreed to take some questions from our Region during an informal session via Zoom.

He briefly presented the different forms of Distance Interpreting (DI), before taking us through the TFDI’s recently issued COVID-19 Distance Interpreting Recommendations for Institutions and DI Hubs. In his replies to a number of questions from the audience, he stressed several points, including the impact of the additional cognitive effort involved in DI on meeting duration and team strength; the importance of safeguarding interpreters’ health and wellbeing, whether interpretation is provided in situ or remotely; and the fact that conference interpreting is a team effort. Interpreting from home is regarded as a solution being offered in extremis, and this must be made clear to clients. Andrew also drew our attention to the section in the Recommendations about disclaiming responsibility for issues outside interpreters’ control, such as an interruption to the service. 

Please refer to the summary of the session for more details.

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We are very grateful to Andrew for giving up his time to share his expertise with us, and to the TFDI for issuing these useful Recommendations in record time.

Note: Regional members and pre-candidates were given advance notice to sign up for this online event, organised by UK&I. As Zoom meetings are normally limited to 100 participants, it was just as well, since the subsequent 48 hours saw an additional 260 registration requests, mostly from outside the Region.