July 13, 2022
Recent events at EP
Former AIIC Presidents

We, the undersigned former AIIC Presidents, wish to put on record our deep dismay at recent actions by Uros Peterc, the immediate past President of the Association, henceforth Vice-president of the service provider Interactio.

In order to circumvent the industrial action launched by the European parliament (EP) interpreters to defend their working and health conditions, the EP decided to outsource the interpretation of several meetings to Interactio, thus violating Art 5 of the Agreement which requires European Union signatory organisations to recruit free lance interpreters on a direct and individual basis. Not only did Uros Peterc apparently play a role in the organization of the agency’s teams, but he also interpreted at those meetings, despite a strike called by all the interpreters’ delegations.

While relying on the Executive Committee to take whatever action this unprecedented situation requires, we wish to register how deeply shocked we are at the behaviour of Uros Peterc, who has resigned his membership of AIIC and shown a singular lack of solidarity towards his EP colleagues struggling to defend their rights.

Christopher Thiéry, Honorary President
Gisela Siebourg
Monique Ducroux
Malick Sy, Honorary President
Jean-Pierre Allain
Jennifer Mackintosh
Benoît Kremer
Linda Fitchett
Angela Keil