July 04, 2022
Press release from the Executive Committee
Executive Committee

Statement by the AIIC Executive Committee


Since 1953, the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC) has been promoting the highest standards of quality and ethics in conference interpreting.


Its Executive Committee considers that the recent actions of Uroš Peterc, former president of AIIC, constitute a flagrant violation of the moral and professional principles that AIIC has been defending since its creation. The Executive Committee deplores such violation, condemns it in the roundest possible terms, and hereby distances itself from the actions of the former president.


It would like to reassure AIIC members, international organisations and all stakeholders with which we work that AIIC remains firmly committed to its founding principles and values, and is determined to defend the interests of the Association in any circumstance, and through any legal means.

4th July 2022